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Transforming visions into cinematic reality, our team of skilled filmmakers brings your ideas to life. From captivating image videos to impactful brand building visuals.  

Let us craft engaging presentations and compelling narratives that will leave a lasting impression.

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 With our team of professionally trained  voiceover artists, covering over 50 languages and dialects, we bridge the gaps and connect global audiences.

All our services undergo rigorous quality checks by expert linguists before delivery.

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Catalogue of Voices


Elevate your podcast or live cast projects 

with the help of our team. Hire our studio and stream captivating content directly to

your audience with exceptional sound and visual quality. Experience seamless production and engage your listeners like  never before.

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Bringing sights and sounds to life since 2005, we are an audio-visual company based in Southampton, United Kingdom, delivering World Wide cinematic Video Content and Filmmaking,   

Multilingual Voice Overs and Dubbing,  and Podcasting Production. 


Let us elevate your content to new heights of excellence.

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“I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Red Cat Studios to anyone looking to show their business in a different light to help make their ideas come to life whilst having fun doing so .”


Cadnam Garage

Adrian Frost

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